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Alice Panascia

 Yoga Teacher 



When I was a teenager moved by curiosity I joined my first yoga course. My lower back pain, due to my poor posture, completely disappeared. I felt that something else was developing on a deeper level. I still remember the words of my amazing first yoga teacher: “Today you will learn to breathe”. It sounded funny then, but in fact she truly taught me the power of the breath. Over the years I deepened my interest about the connection between the breath and the nervous system. I learnt that deep breathing has a meditative quality that enhances the communication between body and mind and that we can let go of mental as well as physical tensions through the breath. Over the years I practised mainly Hatha and Ashtanga yoga but my curiosity and interest brought me to different styles (Scaravelli, Iyengar) and teachers. This variety reflects on my style of teaching which is based on classical Hatha with an organic and fluid approach.

In 2013 I finally had the opportunity to fulfil my dream starting my Yoga Teacher Training. I have been lucky to have an extraordinary teacher, Bram Williams. I qualified in 2015 with a 500 hours diploma with “British Wheel of Yoga”. This gave me a great insight into anatomy and physiology and a strong knowledge of Yoga Ethic and Philosophy.

Following the powerful experiences of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a mother I decided to qualify as a (Birthlight) Perinatal Yoga Teacher to be able to empower and support other women integrating the diverse elements of Yoga practice, prenatally and postnatally.

I then qualified to teach Baby and Toddler yoga (Birthlight), which supports positive and fun interactions between parents or carers and children. More recently I qualified to teach yoga to children up to 12 years (YogaBeez).

Great yoga experience for Toddlers. My daughter just loved it (was attending since she was 18m). We moved out from London and sadly can’t find any good toddler yoga around. Miss Friday mornings a lot.

Happy babies and mummies  with wonderful games and joyful atmosphere. Kristina

I was very fortunate to have such a positive birth but also grateful to have you as my prenatal teacher, I really felt I "breathed my baby out" rather than pushing her!

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Based in East London, UK and working throughout the city \\ Tel: +44 (0) 7528 472421


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